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Price list

Price list

Magnetic resonance

For MRI services we offer 10% discount for online appointments. Follow our social media and stay up to date on current offers.

During July and August, every Thursday at our clinic, you can have an MRI scan of one region for the price of 13,000 RSD. The available scans include: one segment of the spine, one joint, neck, pituitary gland, abdomen, pelvis, and head.
Note: The discount does not apply to spectroscopy, functional MRI, breast scans, fistulography, prostate scans, colonography, enterography, or combined scans (e.g., head with angiography, abdomen with MRCP, etc.).


Head MRI 16.000 rsd
Head MRI + MR angiography 19.000 rsd
Head MR + MR angiography and venography 22.000 rsd
MRI + MRA + C spine 26.000 rsd
Head MRI + spectroscopy 28.000 rsd
MR hypophysis*** 19.000 rsd
Neck MRI*** 16.000 rsd
Breast MRI*** 18.000 rsd
Spine MRI - one segment 15.000 rsd
Spine MRI - two segments 25.000 rsd
Whole spine MRI 30.000 rsd
Abdomen MRI*** 18.000 rsd
Abdomen MRI + MRCP*** 20.000 rsd
Abdomen MRI + pelvis 30.000 rsd
Pelvis MRI 16.000 rsd
Pelvis MRI + LS spine 25.000 rsd
Hip MRI + LS spine 25.000 rsd
Musculoskeletal system - one joint 16.000 rsd
Musculoskeletal system - two joints 30.000 rsd
MRI enterography*** 30.000 rsd
MRI colonography*** 25.000 rsd
MR fistulography*** 24.000 rsd
Multiparametric MRI of the prostate with pelvis MRI*** 24.000 rsd
Functional MRI*** 36.000 rsd
Functional MRI with spectroscopy*** 42.000 rsd
Contrast agent 0 rsd

Examinations marked with *** always require the application of contrast, which is included in price.


Abdomen US 3.500 rsd
Pelvis US 3.500 rsd
Abdomen and pelvis US 5.000 rsd
Thyroid US 3.500 rsd
Testicles US 3.500 rsd
Urinary tract US 3.500 rsd
Lymph nodes US (neck, armpit, groin) 3.500 rsd